Returns & Warranty


Please contact customer service at for more information on returning an item. Please include in your correspondence your name, order number, and date of purchase. You may return an item for refund to the original tender within 30 days from date of purchase, less a restocking fee of 10% and no less than $8. Proof of purchase is required. Returns are limited to the original purchaser with the exception of gift items. The item should be in reasonable condition. Items that are intentionally misused or have not been used for the intended purpose, may not be accepted. We understand that special circumstances can exist and we are willing to work with you in a reasonable manner in these cases. Shipping charges are not refundable on returned items. Cajun Bandit is not responsible for any damages incurred in shipping returns. Return shipment costs are at the expense of the buyer.


All products manufactured for or by Cajun Bandit, carry a 1 Year Warranty against material defects and or workmanship from the date of purchase. We will, at our discretion, repair or replace the defective item within that warranty period at no additional product cost to the customer including shipping required to return the product to you (excludes international orders); shipment of warranted item to Cajun Bandit is at the burden of the buyer. Products manufactured by brands other than Cajun Bandit shall carry the full manufacturer’s warranty. We may at our discretion improve upon or extend that warranty to meet our quality and customer service guidelines. We also reserve the right to discontinue any product we feel does not meet our quality requirements. Every attempt will be made to offer another item which performs a similar function and with better quality.

**Product Finishes: We warrant all Cajun Products against complete corrosion perforation or rust through for a time period of 1 year. Many Cajun Bandit Products feature chrome plating, bare carbon steel, and/or painted surfaces as a cost effective alternative to stainless steel for homeowner applications. These products are plated and/or painted using industry best methods. Please be advised that with proper care, cleaning, and storage these finishes will provide a lifetime of usable service. Surface rust and pitting is considered normal and expected performance for chrome plated, painted, and bare carbon steel products if proper maintenance is not performed. Long life and avoidance of corrosion can be attained by proper care and storage of your plated and painted items. We recommend for the aforementioned materials that clean-up occur immediately after utility. Only soft bristle brushes and/or cleaning pads should be employed with mild non-lemon based dish detergents. Avoid harsh chemicals and metal bristle brushes for best finish performance. Discoloration will occur with extended use. This is completely normal and will not affect utility performance over the life of the product. Stainless steel products will not exhibit any rusting or corrosion unless local water sources used for cleaning contains rust or cleaning utensils are employed that contain carbon steel. As stainless steel products are not plated, they will exhibit surface discoloration and absorption. This is completely normal behavior and will in no way affect the utility of the product. For cleaning purposes stainless steel can tolerate harsher chemicals than alternate finishes; only use chemicals intended for cleaning stainless steel that is approved for food exposure or mild dish detergent.

**Motors and Electrical Devices: All Rotisserie Motors, AC/DC adapters, and pellet hoppers should be used with the same reasonable care as any household electrical device. All electrical devices should be stored in a dry, weatherproof location when not in use to avoid premature failure and to protect you as the user from electrical shock when in use. During use all Rotisserie Motors and AC/DC adapters can be subjected to brief periods of light precipitation; heavy rains should be avoided for the protection of the motor and/or AC/DC adapter and you the user. Electrical products that exhibit excessive water damage are not covered under the 1 year warranty. Excessive heat exposure should be avoided for maximum performance and extended life of your rotisserie motor. Never leave a rotisserie motor attached when not in use to avoid excessive heat sinking during high heat grill cleaning sessions. All electrical devices should be mounted using appropriate brackets to ensure extended performance and life; please follow all recommendations for motor offset or employ heat shielding to avoid premature failure due to heat.

Please contact customer service for more information on returning an item for warranty service at