OneGrill™ 32″ x 5/16″ Square Rotisserie Spit Rod


Designed for mid sized grill rotisserie applications this 32″ rotisserie spit rod is sure to fill your custom fit needs. Solid, single piece rotisserie spit rod featuring a continuous 5/16″ square profile to fit most popular rotisserie motors, rotisserie forks, and rotisserie bushing. Complete with a tapered tip for easy load insertion and removal.


Designed for daily use on larger grill sizes. This 53″ 304 stainless steel hexagon profile rotisserie spit rod is designed to outlast and outperform the smaller weight capacities of standard 5/16″ square rotisserie spit rods. Featuring a single piece design, flexing and bowing is greatly decreased and will not come apart like many original equipment designs. 1/2″ hexagon profile allows for fitment of common forks, bushings, and counterbalance systems. 5/16″ square drive end allows for slide in fitment to most common motors. Tapered end point allows for easy insertion and removal of loads. Threaded end provides allowance for usage of insulated handle and counterbalance systems. Rust-Proof 304 stainless steel construction provides limitless usage and easy, worry-free cleanup. Please note the total length of this rotisserie spit rod is 53″ from tip to end of threads. Threads account for approximately 1″ of total spit rod length. Thread pattern is 3/8″-16 (9mm). 5/16″ square drive set back measures approximately 1.5″. Recommended for weight capacities up to 30 lbs. evenly distributed.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Durable double chrome food safe plated steel 5/16 inch square profile fits most standard rotisserie motors Pointed Drive tip allows for easy insertion and removal Threaded end accommodates handle and


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