Cajun Bandit™ Premium Stainless Steel Smoker Door With Latch–Fits 14.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain


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Tired of watching all that hard work literally go out the door? The Cajun Bandit™ Premium Stainless Steel Door with Southco Turn & Lift Latch solves the common issues of heat loss and smoke loss associated with the factory door your Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5″ Smoker (all model years) was supplied with. With careful attention to detail and unsurpassed manufacturing this door will virtually eliminate all smoke loss through the door while providing the much needed benefit of greater heat retention. Closure quality is increased with the inclusion of the industry best Southco Turn & Lift Latch.

A rugged design, clad of 18 gauge premium grade stainless steel contoured specifically to fit your 18.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker (all model years). The fit and finish of this door provides a noticeable  improvement to the operation and efficiency of your WSM. As a permanent solution to your WSM, you will no longer have to constantly deal with the escaping smoke or heat and temperature regulation will become much easier to maintain at an accurate level.  This door will not require the substandard usage of sticky gaskets or glues and adhesives that require constant replacement and repair. With the inclusion of the Southco Turn & Lift Latch the confidence of security is greatly increased. Featuring a brushed finish, your smoker will have a new level of beauty and quality.

**This door includes the Southco Turn & Lift Latch for added durability and confidence of closure. THE FACTORY WEBER KNOB CAN NOT BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS DOOR.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in


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