Cajun Bandit 22.5″ WSM “NO DRILL” Wheel and Cylinder Lock Kit with “IMPROVED CASTERS”


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When our customers offered input we listened, we have increased the wheel size from 2″ hard rubber to a 3″ urethane rubber with a much more user friendly wheel lock, and a heavy duty 10mm threaded stem. The caster mount has gone from a bracket that mounted to the OEM smoker leg to a full leg replacement, simply remove the old OEM leg, replace it with the Cajun Bandit leg and attach the caster. The cylinder lock kit has remained the same for now but there may be changes for that also in the future. Tired of moving your WSM smoker in three different cumbersome pieces, transporting them to and from competitions? The Cajun Bandit “NO DRILL” Wheel Kit with Cylinder Lock Kit can make this job much more tolerable, simply roll the smoker out of the garage and roll it back in after the fire is extinguished, it’s that simple, and with the cylinder locking mechanism you wont have to worry about toppling over in pieces. With careful attention to detail and unsurpassed manufacturing this kit will greatly improve the quality of time using your smoker with less hassle if and when you need to move it.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 4 in


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